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    Any invitation card designers to recommend?

    helo Quirkysms, Can email me the design for your cards? [email protected] Many Thanks!
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    Raffles Hotel

    Hi all, Any idea on the charges for booking the garden and room at Raffles Hotel?
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    Noble House

    Helo, I attended a friend's wedding on 9 Feb 2004 at Noble House. You have to get your own MC as the MC provided by them sound weird when they talk as they were Malaysians. Also must make sure that you try out their HI FI sound system becos something went wrong during my friend's 2nd march...
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    Helo teatree, I would wish to view your photo. my email is [email protected] Many thanks!
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi Gals, I am a Hokkien and my husband to be is a teochew. Can someone share with me what we need to do on the Guo Da Li? What I only know is that my parents in law will buy me "Si Dian Jin". Thank you.
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    I oni tried developing film at Color Lab, so not sure if their digital developing is good.
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    Hi, You may want to try Color Lab (located at 1st floor) at Adlephi.
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Hi Tess, Can share with me? [email protected] Thanks!