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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    my fav non sticky sunblocks that doubles up as a primer for my bb cream/foundation: Organic Ginger lily sunblock spf 50+++ n it comes in ROSE too. not on the website, have to ask the seller, limited in numbers i think.
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    Any good pores treatment to recommend?

    I use these products together, wake up the next day, no pores. bright clean complexion. and
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    Any recommendation for NON-OILY MOISTURIZER? - has got to be one of the best soothing and non oily moisturiser i have tired. suitable for hot humid weather where stickiness of products is big issue... yucks
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    Any remedies for pimples?

    Nurse Organic Anti Blemish A-Bisabolol Fresh Cleansing clears acnes and controls oil so well.