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  1. figureskates86

    Regent Singapore

    Hi! My coordinator is Natalie and she is really good! Lots of Patience and a very nice lady. Im hving my wedding this sat in the Nassim Room. ;) nassim room only can fit a max of 14 tables.. Cannot hv any reserve table though so u must really confirm how many tables you want. And acc to my...
  2. figureskates86

    No Gatecrash

    Thanks! I also dont intend to have any gatecrash but wonder is it gonna be alittle weird the groom jus go into bride hse and fetch the bride haha.
  3. figureskates86

    No Gatecrash

    Hi graduate brides or any bride to be.. Are there anyone of you who did not have any gatecrash? Can share on how ur wedding itinerary is like?
  4. figureskates86

    Pre wedding photoshoot locations

    Hi i would like to find out about photoshoot locations locally. Thanks :)
  5. figureskates86

    Pre wedding photoshoot locations

    Hi can any btbs list down nice pre wedding shoot locations and whether or not we need to pay.. Thanks!!
  6. figureskates86

    Hotel which is most suitable for 10 to 12 tables

    Hi u can try Regent hotel. I jus booked a nassim room for 12 tables. Their room max is 14tables :) price is 1068 plus plus
  7. figureskates86

    (2014/07) July 2014 BTB

    Hi im a july btb too! :) do u ladies hv any suggestions for outdoor shoot? Im most prob doing my photoshoot in nov. haha
  8. figureskates86

    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Hi ladies.. Have anyone booked their close knitted dinner? Max tables is 16. How is the perks like n the themes? :)
  9. figureskates86

    Officiant for church wedding

    Hi new bride to be.. I am too having the same situation as yours.. U arent alone. Florence do u think i can hv the list too? My email is [email protected] :) thanks!!!