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  1. MissEmpire

    (2016) 2016 brides

    hi, would you mind share with me the package too? [email protected]
  2. MissEmpire

    2018 BTB

    i’ve booked novotel for my upcoming Oct 2018 wedding
  3. MissEmpire

    October 2018 Brides~

    i’ve signed with cangai, any cangais’ here?
  4. MissEmpire

    WTS CangAi PreWedding Package Taiwan

    hi, is it still available? my email is [email protected]
  5. MissEmpire

    October 2018 Brides~

    Congratulations to all oct 2018 brides (: I'm a 14/10/2018 bride, currently booked novotel & still looking out for bridal studios ..