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    SK II Products

    Hi babes.. I have frens wrking and will b able to help gals get discount 15% on SkII treatment essence. interested just email me @ [email protected] but will have to wait for me to accumulate orders and send to her 1 shot.. just email me interested item n i help u check with her the...
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    Clarins Products

    Hi babe i hv fren working that can get better prize for you but maybe gotta wait like 1 month.. if u want cn email me. den when i order my items from my frens can help u ask if she ok to help u all get too.. perfume also can.. can email me [email protected]
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    Contraceptive pill and pregnancy

    i've been using yasmine for some time n stopped now as i wanna try to hv kids.. i think so so yasmin ok.. Good..! i still hv 2 extra bottle . dunnoe can wait after giving birth eat anot?
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Hi jasmine cn tell me what program allow u to slim down 17kg?? Email me [email protected] Thnx
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    Anyone knows of any good private driving instructor in Sengkang

    hi i dun think any private instudtor teach at sengkang.. where are u been registered??? bbdc ?? if u r bbdc den i can recommend u my instructor.. but he teaches auto.. i've learnt only about 3 mths.. n passed already... u want more info can email me [email protected]
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    hi i'm interested in the enczema cream too.. email me [email protected]
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    Anyone did injection like botox or meso for FACE SLIMMING??? pls reccomend.

    i'm interested to slim my face down i have very chubby cheeks.. anyone has successful slim down their face by meso or botox injection can reccomend me their doc n tell me the price too.. thanks... [email protected]
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    Any recommendations for pte Driving Instructor (auto)?

    hi, i looking for good auto driving instructor at bbdc, any recommendation? I staY IN COMMONWEALTH AREa.. best is he willing to teach around my hse area.. email me [email protected]
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    Any Good Driving Instructors to recommend?

    Anyone can intro a good (auto) driving instructor? I'm staying in commonwealth area.. pls email me.. [email protected] thanks..
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    Checklist for Bridal Shop

    hi i would like to have the check list too. [email protected] thNKS...
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    hi i would like to have the bridal checklist too. pls email me.. thanks... [email protected]
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    Mesotherapy or Carboxtherapy? Anyone Tried?

    hi i'm new to this thread i'm interested to slim down my face lower small legs n fat arms... can anyone give me the clinic name n add contact? n how much is the package?? pls email me ... [email protected]
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    sorry wats the promotion of Lfi now??
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    oh u mean the accupunture tmt itself will not firm up our body but we still need to puchase product to do it????
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    ok.. Last question does LFi accupunture slimming only help to loose weight?? cause i dun wan to see only decrease in numbers. Does the treatment help the body skin to be firm while slimming? and body fats to decrease???
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    so jane did u try e jurong one from esther gow???
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    how can it be so cheap ? my fren took e package and she paid $2800 for the 3 months make over .
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    Accupunture Slimming Recommendation Help Needed..

    hi all i'm interested in accupunture slimming. Has anyone gone thru e process and had grest successful result? i'm currently 163 n 63kg i hope to slim down 15kg for my wedding. Pls recommend me any gd clinic or doc tt has sucessfully slim u gals or guys down effectively. But plz do not reccomend...
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    Any Slimming/Detox Recipe To Share !!

    natty do u have the link of the product of details and pic???