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    Guest List Format

    Hi, butter and onee Can please forward to me at [email protected]? Thanks!!!
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    agree with omigosh that you have to be very discerning when in balestier. similar lighting (brand, model) we found in Parkmall can be half the price as the same ones in balestier.
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    M Hotel Singapore

    hi mooee, can you pls send me the quotation of your photographer too? thks! [email protected]
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    am i too late to ask for the list?
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    oh no! i forgot to leave my email! [email protected] Thanks!
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    Hi orosalind, I am thinking of getting a slumberland too, can gimme the contact for your seller? I am thinking of getting a royal crown. Thanks alot!
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    same here, my relatives and frens using ariston... i plan to get ariston too.
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    i heard that even stainless steel will rust, just that the durability depends on the grade of stainless steel... but it is definitely better than normal steel... dunno true anot...