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    Parkroyal on Beach Road

    Not sure if this is the place I could write about this. Well, understanding that we couples should bear responsibility of contract stated. But i believe management could be slightly flexible and handling on case to case basis. we signed a dinner package with PARK ROYAL @ BEACH ROAD late last...
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    Yvonne Creative Bridal Package to let go

    ur selling price and package inclusive?
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    Any infringement of rights with DIY montage?

    if we were to use songs for montage which are from original cd, and we do not cut it, is that considered as an infringement?
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    WTS: Gowns

    pics and details pls thanks. [email protected]
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    **POST-WEDDING SALE** ALL MUST GO!!! VW inspired gown / Evening gown / Cheongsam / Mother's gowns !

    Vera Wang Eliza inspired bridal gown – tied back design to fit any size Elegant chiffon red gown with long tail – tied back design to fit any size does the above 2 gowns come with zip? sorry for this stupid qn as i have tried on gowns with zip and corset tie back type <:
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    Actual Day Package Only

    @bluely_snowing - did u mean 1 wedding + 2 evening gowns = 3 sets for just $999? am pretty interested with check them out. could i have the contacts/website if possible? am trying to look out for a good one for my actual day probably next year :/ though still a year more to go, but because i...