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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi Kass, I also booked with GWP.. My wonderful coordinator quit already and now the replacement seems to be unresponsive.. A bit worried that there will be a lot of barrier in negotiating the stuffs that we already agreed upon with the previous coordinator.. May I know how did you request for...
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    Microphone amplifier speaker

    I need a microphone amplifier speaker to be used for ROM ceremony.. It is basically a speaker that can be plug to a microphone so it can project the voice out. Does anybody know where to get it cheaply? Thank you!
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi littlewoman, can you try to PM me again? Maybe it can work now Thank you so much!
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    I have PM-ed you Thanks!
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi, Wondering if anybody got the checklist and guidelines for GDL? I am quite confused... hope somebody can help me.. Who is supposed to be coming to the bride's house? From groom side that is,... how many people will be coming? eg: just the good fortune person and the groom, or are there...
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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    Hi Supergal, where do you get your "Just Married" sign? Interested to know as well. Thank you!
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    Tuxedo Shirt

    Hi, I come across this thread... Didn't want to spend too much on tuxedo shirt as well .. did anybody went to the JB Superstar bridal shop? How is it quality and price?
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    Indonesian Brides!!

    Hi Sella, One suggestion ... Kalo mo an chuang nya di Jkt, ntar kan ada the 4 packets of seeds yg di taro bawah matress after the ceremony, after u sleep on the "an-chuang-ed" bed for one night, you can move that packets of seeds and put under your Spore bed matress instead..