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    Any shoppping addicts here?

    used to be even worse when I was 16. I was always either shopping or making plans to go shopping. What helped me stop was when a tragic event happened to me and I realized no matter all the expensive things I had I still was not even close to being happy. But since I wouldn't wish such a bad...
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    BIG size clothings - where to get?

    Hi, Me too. From young till now always trying to search for bigger sized clothes. Most of the time bigger sized clothes look too matured for me and look auntie. But it i sgetting better nowadays. Many shops available various large sized clothes. But most of the time, they cost so much highly...
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    Anyone using organic facial products?

    I really love Avalon Organics Biotin-B hair conditioner! The shampoo isnt my favorite but the conditioner is winderful! my hair feels great after I use it. Desert Essence lip balms are great too
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    Where to clean bags that have stains??

    Hi there I heard there is a luxury bag cleaning kit made specially for branded bags, to be launched in Singapore soon, first in the world products made ONLY for luxury brand handbags. Safe to use for even the most delicate and exotic leather. I am NOT talking about Apple care products, it...
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    String Curtains

    Has anyone seen 'string curtains' anywhere? They're like a sheer curtain made up of... string (sort of)! I've googled, and found something like it at Textile Traders, but not quite like we saw in a display home at the weekend. The top of the ones we saw can be attached to a curtain track...
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    Hello friends, Here are few tips to clean old kitchen tiles. # Use a damp piece of cloth for cleaning the tiles on kitchen walls. For wiping dust from the floor tiles, use a damp mop. # To remove stains on the actual tile, you will want to use a nylon scrubbing pad and chlorine-free...
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    Granite Flooring

    we have granite tile in our bathroom -- and shower. not a problem being slippery -- the shower floor is 3" the rest is 12". my concern would be were do you live and is heating an issue? we have radiant heat floors so no problem, otherwise you would have a cold floor in the winter.
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    Advice on Visco-elastic foam mattress

    Has anyone heard of Bodipedic? QVC, (tv shopping channel),was selling visco elastic memory foam mattresses saturday, and the company is Bodipedic. Customer service couldn't tell me much about the company, the density of the foam, who makes the foam, nothing. did a search on the net, nothing...
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    Looking for Balinese furniture

    Of primary importance when buying furniture in Bali is the moisture content. You want to avoid shipping home a bunch of really wonderful furniture, only to have it quickly crack due to the climate change. Most reputable furniture dealers will have a moisture meter, which will measure the...
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    Cheap lightings shop to recommend

    i bought from AA lighting shop at geylang lorong 25 i think. they sell look-a-likes at much lower prices than those at balestier (with the exception of at balestier, which offers really attractive pricing). AA lighting very good service. Note that they close on Sundays though.
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    Anyone can advise how to choose a GOOD & RELIABLE Interior Designer or Contractor

    I just renovate my house at punggol. There are tons of ID waiting for you when u collect your keys so don't worry. I went to a couple of showflats design by them and slowly choose my own design and ask them for quotations. Finally settle on 1 very honest and reliable guy. If you want i can...
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    At JD & Partners, workspace design is not just about creating dynamic and versatile environments but bringing into being our client's image and corporate identity. On the ...
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    Any comments on Sealy Mattress

    I bought my first matress ensemble just over 10 years ago when i moved out of home, and it was a Sealy Posturepedic mattress I definately got 10 years worth out of it for the 1K i spent, though it is quite a bit softer now than when i got it. It now lives in the guest bedroom, but i have a lie...
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    LCD or Plasma better?

    I would never take an LCD if a plasma was an option. Your budget should get you something like a 37" 37PWD8 or 42" 42PWD8 Panasonic screen, which despite being SD panels will still give the overall better picture with far more realistic contrast ratios and black levels that LCD can only dream...
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    Dunlopillo Mattress

    Hi all, I have been surfing this site to find out information about mattresses as we are in the process of acquiring one. Lots of information on the 3 "S" - Serta, Simmons and Sealy as well as King Koil, etc but I haven't been able to find much info on users of Dunlopillo mattresses. We...
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    Defu Furniture

    Personally I find Defu things overpriced. Saw a nice bookshelf going for $520 by a particular supplier. Went to a neighbourhood furniture shop and saw the same bookshelf by that supplier and it costs only $430. I bought a study table from them last year, not a bad experience but when I shopped...
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    Kose products

    Basically, i think kose sekkisei range emulsion,lotion)are much better than sk2 treatment range(facial treatment cleanser,clear lotion,essence).Here i try comparing in a basic daily care(cleanser,toner,mosturizer). Even after reading so many reviews about sekkisei and sk2, sekkisei still...
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    Elements Spa Boutique or Porcelain The Face Spa?

    I signed my package last year, can't remember which month but I had been going quite religiously. I tried their facial too. They using dermalogica pdts. The facial so so only. 1st time tried the facial for sensitive skin and the therapist add too much essential oil to the mask and burn my face...
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    Maple Clinic @ Tampines?

    Hi everyone.. I have a few questions regarding this clinic that I hope some of you will be able to help me with... (1) What's the price difference for Tampines branch and Orchard branch to see Dr Ong? (2) What's the queue like to see Dr Ong at Tampines branch? How come seems like sooo long...
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    Body Shapers?

    I'm not quite sure if this belongs here, but I didn't really think it fell under 'fashion' I have tried a few body shapers/slimmers, but they always tend to roll down on me (when i do wear them its when i'm going out and pretty active). I really like the style of the kymaro ones, but I heard...