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    Advice on Buying my first Car!

    Since depreciation of cars occurs in the first 2 years, is it better to get a 1 year old second hand car? For e.g. a brand new Toyota Vios cost $54K, a 1 yr old Vios costs $46K. Is it so simple as to compare it like that? How about the COE depreciation?
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    I have some minced pork in my freezer. Anyone knows what else I can cook with minced pork other than steam egg with minced pork? Thanks a million!
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    Catholic Advice Needed Please

    hi bin, You can try making your FH suits at Far East Plaza, there are many shops there that tailor made suits, quite reasonable also. Last time my hubby made a white shirt there, cost $45 only, somemore got pleats infront kind.
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    Bangkok palace, d'ma pavilion or eastin - which hotel is better?

    hi Peter, DMA is NOT near WTC. I wouldn't advise walking there. Bangkok is not like S'pore. If you were to walk to WTC, your face will end up very sooty with dirt from the vehicles. Yes. City Inn is not as near as DMA, but I didn't have the problem of bed bugs. In terms of price and...
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    Bangkok palace, d'ma pavilion or eastin - which hotel is better?

    Dun stay at Dma Hotel, although its beside Bangkok Palace, not many taxi drivers know where it is. Last time I always have to tell them "makasan road" then they will understand. And yes, Dma is far from the popular shopping areas like World Trade Centre, MBK. Actually CityInn Hotel is not bad...
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    Catholic Advice Needed Please

    hi all, For those attending MPC soon, try to go every session with your hubby-to-be. You will learn many important lessons to be emotionally prepared for marriage and for children. I attended MPC June 2002. I was attached to couple Michael and Phyllis Goh. During alternate sessions, we had...