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    Beauty - Deep Cleansing Mask to recommend.

    Hi, I'm using this now... Lifts up my laugh lines, lightens my face. 6 wk course per tube. PM me for more details...
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    Any Slimming/Detox Recipe To Share !!

    hi, I am doing a 2wks 14d tailored detox cum slimming program. Its purely organic. Doesn't contain caffeine and no side effects. PM me if u wanna know more details.
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    Carlton Hotel

    i'm also having lena as coordinator since jerrie has left. My big day in 3 wks July 11. fern, u're good! how did u manage to get 2nite! good bargaining skills. Was it jerrie whom u liasied with previously?
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    hi ino, me also planning a trip there, could u email the contract to [email protected] thks.
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    try little india for face threading. Either at the indian beauty shop b4 mackenzie rd or the other one after SINMA accessories shop. Its a groundflr unit so u can see many ppl actually waiting to be threaded! It cost $15 for whole face include eye brows. You can tell them to omit it if u're...
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    Holiday in Gold Coast & Sydney

    hi vineyard, for GC hotels u can book whilst u're there, whole strip of hotels for u to pick n choose. Whereas for sydney better to book in advance, might have some event or convention and all hotels r full. The weather is just rite in March although the sun might still be blazing on you...
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    Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

    just to provide some feed back on the restuarant. I jsut held my ROM there last sunday. the manager was very nice and accomodating, she coronded off the drinks area for us and we had a private area with our dining tables. I would recommend taking the ala carte menu instead of the set...
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    Hotels in Kl

    my fren went to westin, newly opened. heard the beds are the heavenly ones. i stayed at jw marriot and ritz b4. The former is next to a shopping center. VERY convenient. Ritz is smaller but i like the rooms and bed its huge. We squeezed 3 ppl into the bed and still had turning room. alot...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    hi mr bean, i'm also looking at a small luncheon of 20 tables. could you send the info to [email protected] thanks.