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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    hi aprilgal, i don't mean diff level hv diff defination of facing n sitting. based on my limited knowledge, for high-rise building if one can't determine from the exterior which is the front of the building and which is the back (eg like many condo n hdb point blk), then the way to determine...
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    hi syph, the blk i'm staying is like point blk type... 4 units per flr (each unit 1 corner). so for our case, my fs master told us tat the side of your unit with the most windows is the facing. in chinese it's yi yang wei xiang.
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    i recommend cyc movers (63671732). engaged them to do my move in nov 2005. a team of 6 came and they were very puncture, fast and efficient. the entire process from my previous home to my new home was not more than 2 hours.