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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Hi all BTBs, Anyone have any suggestion what to put into a wedding pinata???
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    Amara Banquet Photos

    Hi Fiona, you can follow e link above to see e photos but they'll be changing their theme from next month so i think it would be different
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Hi Lin My AD's 26 dec. still long way to go.. ha ha.. Hi Thomas and Happy Girl, My htb 's a half monkey oso (monkey head), but i think it should be ok this year as long as e geomancer choose e date well. anyway, if u believe it'll be good, it'll be so don't worry too much about the year
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    (2010/12) Dec 2010 BTB

    Hi Ladies, I'm a BTB in dec as well!!.. hee.. just booked my WD at amara. Hope didn't make e wrong choice
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    (2009/09) ROM in Sep 2009

    Hi gals!! i' new to this thread. Also having my rom in sep but on 26 sep instead on 2009. Any recommendation on where can i get a nice dress? been searching ard but don't see a really nice one