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    Is it very silly?

    don't marry a financially incompetent guy.. u have been warned
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    I proposed and discovered that GF has a 6 year old kid - What should I do?

    Toerino any update.. hope ur gf is not like jack neo
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    I am going mad, why?!

    End your relationship and move on. No point crying over spilled milk.
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    A dark secret for more than a decade

    Man your past is really scary.. Ask ur HTB to spray some strong cologne and shave off all his hair
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    A TRUTH after a 3 years seperation in a marriage

    Let me teach you how to wake up: 1) Go have a lot of 1 night stands at pubs etc. 2) Go for rebound relationships with other easy guys 3) Drink a lot and smoke a lot. Will be numb.
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    Is it very silly?

    Annie: Don't get involved yourself with a man with financial difficulties or management skills. A stable relationship is based on financial stability. Please think for you future.
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    My emotional mother-in-law...

    Freesia, When someone gets old, it's hard to really expect her to behave perfectly and especially in this case, it is her overwhelming desire to do good and get involved. you should be happy because a lot of people's MIL don't even do anything and expect everything.
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    Unhappy in 1st yr of marriage

    milo education refers not only to academic education but also to religious knowledge, social experience etc. please don't shape your views so narrowly or be so sensitive towards a term that is harmless. an university graduate also have a higher chance of building better character traits or...
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    Married to someone that you don't love..

    Well, it's easier for a older and richer man to hook up a single lady than a married older woman to hook up a single guy..
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    Going to get married... but totally insecure about it!

    eggtart88 I understand how you feel. You won the BTO and want to have a place where you can call home. But at the same time, you start to notice warning signs about this man you want to marry. If the worst comes and your husband turns out to be a really rotten person after marriage like the...
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    Help!! husband not interested in sex

    Loveriver, if a guy go for lesbian porn, he must be really bored at straight sex. Try some ways to interest him.. Im sure he will go hard at something.. Black silky lingerie or nurse costume? U know better..
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    Pregnant 4 months before ROM

    if you guys ROM with a big tummy, just invite only ur close friends and parents. Why do you have to call the whole world to your ROM? Invite the rest of the guests to the customary wedding.
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    Sex and finances

    Glamor83 I rather err on the side of being pessimistic. Many guys nowadays cannot be trusted. We girls should protect ourselves. I hope my strong message will make Nikita scrutinize her husband more and not let him take her for granted.
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    can be urinary tract infection
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    Unhappy in 1st yr of marriage

    Marry an educated men with good upbringing. Things like that won't happen. Learn how to judge men. Some are down right rotten. Avoid them like the plague.
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    Any Childless Couple out there?

    Mei iem, why your partner doesnt want kids? You guys never talk about having kids before marriage?
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    Rubber or Pills or ???

    Use a rubber. Buy those thinner types (jap brands)
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    Looking to expand my social circle

    As a form of respect, you should post MORE information about yourself to get us interested. Who knows if you could be a criminal or pervert in hiding?
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    I committed adultery

    Contact a lawyer.
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    Purchase of new HDB flat by divorcee

    No way. u wanna take advantage of the system before u get divorced? New HDB flats should go to 1st time newly wed couples applying with a strong future together and for their kids to have a house to live in. That's why there is a subsidy. You don't deserve this subsidy.