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    2nd give up or not?

    How old are you guys? In your 20s or early 30s? Whatever your age, you must understand there is a long long way more to go. When the kids come; when you're in the sandwiched stage between young children and elderly parents and job stress.....that's when the temptation will be at its...
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    To Love or Be Loved?

    Hi Rebec, I'm new to this forum and I've already read so many posts about love, loveless, loving people who are not available, being stalked by people you don't love...... It's quite sad why love must be so complicated. It is really a very complex thing which no one can explain. I chanced...
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    In love with A married man ...

    En Xuan, things were spiralling downwards from the moment you fell in love with J. It is through your love for him that you're now happily married but I have to caution you to tread very carefully because history can repeat itself. Be kind.