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    Any suggestions to cure fatigue? comes Vitality! Vitality will look at 3 impt aspect of aging...our energy level, our sexual fnc and our mental alertness!
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    Do i have erectile defunction?

    Agree with Quency, look into your health..btw have you all heard abt ageloc vitality? It's a new technology that looks at identifying your youth genes, and resetting them! Vitality identify 52 of the >200 genes that affect our mitochondria, in short..this helps to make you overall younger! Even...
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    Hair Loss... Help...

    Hi brenda, you can contact this lady Roz, she uses the spa on her dad too. SHe can help you purchase the spa. this is her contact [email protected] or 98006632
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    Anyone considering Botox to contour face?

    I agree with ZARA, i can show you a lot of contouring effect with ageloc and galvanic spa...this is the more invasive methods to have this effect ladies...our search ends with the discovery of got to try to believe. Its really amazing!
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    Why am i gaining more and more weight?!

    This is great! More people shld know abt TRA. Well, its the right approach! If not, why would there be so many healthcare professionals recommending this program? My consultant is a pharmacist and she is also working with her group of pharmacists and doctors. They are the new generation team...
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Congratulations Ailee! Go TRA! This is a great program that makes you be in control..that's why there's no rebound! More people shld know abt TRA!
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    What do u think of losing weight?

    Hi Vera and paperliu, true that looks aren't everything but to me losing weight is about being healthy! There are so many diseases linked to obesity and we are looking at being healthy and living younger. I also work in the medical field and I see so many patients lose control of their health...
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    Ways to enhance breast without surgery???

    hey gals, this is off label friend tried using galvanic spa 5 mins a day for 5 days and her bust is firmer and looks good! Im tying now on my second day. Its so convenient because the spa can also be used for our facelift and also to remove cellulite etc. This is wonderful!
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Hi peusecret, I really admire your regime, looking at what you do and eat, I don't see that you shld be having any weight issue. Like what Jasmine and Lina said, your will to lose weight is important but the right program is also important. There's a talk tmr by a medical doctor on how to...
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Hi Cynthia, TRA is the Right Approach, it is a patented weight management program that has products certified safe under HSA. It is one program that teaches us the right concept of weight loss, this program targets fat loss, building muscle, tones and shape our body and its very
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Hi Cynthis, why don't you take a look at TRA The right approach where you target fat loss..Its a great program that make sense because they teach us the right health concept..Can I email you more?
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    Hair Loss... Help...

    Hey Zara! you're right! my father's hair is less sparce and he's on the second treatment and he's indeed very happy! At least he is in control..thanks!
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    Why am i gaining more and more weight?!

    Hello ladies, here's another option to browse on..... if you are keen to find out how to lose fats the right way, and also wants to know more abt this patented weight management program called TRA(The Right Approach), do come and join us on 30th Oct Sat at parkmall level 13 frm 1230 to 2pm.or...
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Hello ladies, if you are keen to find out how to lose fats the right way, and also wants to know more abt this patented weight management program called TRA(The Right Approach), do come and join us on 30th Oct Sat at parkmall level 13 frm 1230 to 2pm.or Hockey Village Sunday 31st Oct frm 10am to...
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    Excruciating pain

    Hi Piggy,you should leave and like what Leibit said, don't think of revenge. Move on with your life and do something for yourself. I know it is difficult as you have been in the relationship for so long but you have to quickly pull yourself up. It is very fortunate that you are not married...
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    Anyone tried TRA?

    Hi Dre@mie, yes the supplier is from nuskin...FYI, nuskin was recently given the award of one of the 100 most trustworthy company frm Forbes. This is a new award given by Forbes after the Lehman brothers episode, so as to give a better crediblility to really good companies. The program has been...
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    Any Slimming/Detox Recipe To Share !!

    If anyone is keen to learn the right concept on weight loss, you can contact roz pharacist consultant who has helped get me on board this weght management program that help me keep the fats off with a very safe, practical method. You can listen first and then use your common sense to...
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    Mesotherapy or Carboxtherapy? Anyone Tried?

    Hi frens, why not just get one galvanic spa for yourself? It can do the same function but a very reduced cost and at your own time and comfort. You can check out a lot of videos frm youtube which feature galvanic spa in many tv shows in hongkong and also states. We must be as advance as the...
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    Any Slimming/Detox Recipe To Share !!

    Hi frens, I learnt that if you don't eat your body's metabolism slows down, just like a factory, no raw materials, they will slowly shut down. The weight loss effect may be short term, but it will impact our health most definitely.
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    8kg Loss within 7 weeks

    Hi VeePickni, I have galvanic spa machine! Love it a lot!!!!..;) Guess I'm too vainlah..but i like the fact that every nite I can work on my body at my own living room!.The key thing is to do regularly. I have my own beauty regime( 5mins daily), mons are for my arms, tues are for my tummy...