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    For All dog lovers

    hi all, just like to ask do u hv any recommendation where to put your pet for boarding when overseas. My usual pet sitter is fully booked for the month of october now frantically searching for one. leaving town next wee :-( thus need your kind helps to recommend a sitter. pls kindly email me...
  2. J

    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi Jan, think 25 tables, u will get the belvedere court on the main tower on the 4 floor, on that floor there is another ballroom call manadrin court (that can take up to 50 tables i think) both these ballrooms got pillars...
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    hi there anyone used DOREEN LIM as their wedding co-ordinator before? She is the Senior Catering Sales Manager. She has been assigned to me ,is she responsible and accomodating? Is it easy to negotiate for extra perks from mandarin??