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    Are City Gas Expensive

    i guess i m the only one here who is using city gas bah....we didn't want to get cylinder gas becos I am pretty paranoid about cylinder gas, hehe...and also i always feel tat cylinder gas can only goes with those whole cooker hob, those with oven underneath kind... also, our water heater is...
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    32" LCD - Philip/Toshiba/JVC/Sharp

    Hi, it's 32WL55E
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    32" LCD - Philip/Toshiba/JVC/Sharp

    Hi Fleur, it's 32..55, i cannot rem the alphabet in between..sorry...
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    32" LCD - Philip/Toshiba/JVC/Sharp

    at harvey norman, they set their tv all the max contrast, so if comparing at max contrast, it looks a bit too bright...the background also very bright..
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    32" LCD - Philip/Toshiba/JVC/Sharp

    we just bought a toshiba 32" it at harvey norman. The guy showed me the same movie, same scene on Sharp, Philips, Samsung and Toshiba and we decided on toshiba over the others. Personally, I found Sharp too bright and cannot capture the movements well. Philips too dark, though the...
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    Any invitation card designers to recommend?

    Hi, My friend is also doing wedding cards freelance. If interested to see sample, pls email me at [email protected]
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi, anyone has any idea where can i get low sodium chicken broth?? or how to make myself?? just boil the chicken??
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    Advice on Ikea's Blinds and curtains

    got curtains from ikea, master bedroom and living room, blinds for study room was from far pretty good
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    Arcylic or Wood C eiling Fans: Rega, Crestar or Amasco (Which better?)

    hi curryfish, I think we paid $210 for it, or around there....5 blades, 48" and we got a free ironing board
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    Arcylic or Wood C eiling Fans: Rega, Crestar or Amasco (Which better?)

    hi, we bought a rega wooden blade fan, was cooling, no prob...but we had some initial problem with the motor you may want to watch out for tat..
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    4 or 6 inches False Ceiling

    mine are ok, and I don't have aircon in my living room
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    Divider at Living Area - Fengshui

    hi all, I know my fren did a full height shoe rack to block the window from the main door....for us, we did a divider, not full height, and not totally blockage's 4 timeber strips with shelving in between so tat i can use it as display at same time.... as for the moving of...
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    my divider....
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    hi all... sorry take so long, i seldom check this thread..faster to email me... nelson charged me $5300 in total, for a 6ft glass sliding door wardrobe, a 22ft feature wall-the one in the picture, a 7ft shoe rack - the one in the picture, and a 5ft divider...i post the picture later...
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    hi oden, thanks a lot! my house was done by several pple...hahhaha....i ala carte my reno...the feature wall and shoe rack were done by a contractor, his name is nelson 9678 3425...or you can also try alvin 9101 3193, i am asking alvin to do some stuff now, he is more ID type so he can...
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    Shoe cabinet Design

    hi all, i see if i can post it here....will post my feature wall and my shoe rack becos they are linked together, hence, the shoe rack looked L-shaped.
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    Any invitation card designers to recommend?

    hi girls, my fren made my wedding invites, nice nice....maybe i will post one after my wedding this weekend...
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    To design our own inv card or use hotel provided card?

    hi, my fren made my invitation cards, would you girls be interestd? email me hor cos i seldom check this thread.
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    hi kim, gotten a verbal quote from HM Deco before,agreed that they are quite competitive....but in the end, i tailor made from ikea instead cos they have the fabric tat i want and it's cheaper, also bough ready made from ikea
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    hi, any website for this oasis cake?? i still cannot make out the spelling. can someone pls email me. thanks!