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    I'm not attracted to my gf..

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for close to one year now. We are both 28. When we met, we connected right away. We always have fun, we are always laughing when we are together. She is the sweetest girl a guy could ask for, a real girl next door type. When I think of a great mom and a...
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    My bro in law wanted a divorce with my sis

    there u go
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    What have i done to deserve this?

    My girlfriend went drinking with her colleagues, and she reassured me that nothing would happen. None of the guys took a fancy to her, she reasoned, and they were all gentlemen. She also knew her drinking limit and would not go over the limit. She also thought that I had an early morning...
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    Sexless marriage

    Yes, as per above I have encountered some issues with my wife. I am going through a sex deprived marriage like many did. The problem is, we are married for less than a year. We did have sexual encounters on and off before our marriage for the past few years and every single time it was great...
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    Should I tell him?

    Hey guys this is a good read about Hell
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    Should I tell him?

    I'm wary of this type of girl. Constantly pessimistic. It drains the joy out of a guy. How does a self proclaimed christian constantly feels so ashamed of herself it baffles me.
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    Too soon to get married?

    Father's speech at wedding makes groom cry
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    Vietnam Wife

    Then this
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    Vietnam Wife

    Watch this: if you enjoy it, then watch this
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    Vietnam Wife

    Đôi dòng này tôi viết để chia sẻ cùng chị em sau khi đọc bài “Giãi bày của một nàng dâu Tây hãi hùng Tết Việt”. Tôi cũng đã đọc hết tất cả bình luận của mọi người. Công nhận là bạn Jess đánh trúng tâm lý chị em. Ai ai cũng hùa vào đồng ý, kêu than khổ sở, lên án đàn ông Việt. Cái chuyện đàn...
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    What should I do?

    Leave the guy. What kind of a man gets his parents involved. That's what you call a boy (or momma's boy) and a sore loser. So what if he earns 8 digit salary but being that stingy. 90% food court... 10% restaurant.. that's a joke. I spent $20k on bags and diamonds on my gf when I was earning...
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    What should I do?

    From what i guess, his parents or even himself are hoping you'll go for an abortion soon. His actions shows that he doesn't love u anymore or if there's any love in the first place to being with. Option 1: Give birth and the courts will grant you a sizeable amount of ailmony every month even...
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    Would you stay in this weird marriage?

    i would like to share a story of a colleague's weird marriage life. (Well, i personally thought its rather peculiar, not sure if its a common scenario among married couples ) Recently a married female colleague joined my male-dominated company and we quickly become good friends as there are...
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    Danielle's husband reminds me of a friend i used to have. He's the very talkative sort and keeps talking about facts and the things people already know. I guess he's kinda afraid of what TV variety show hosts terms it 冷场。 Sad to say, i have never seen him sharing about his feelings even...
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    For money?

    Prostitute? No doubt it's good money if you're popular but you'll be a walking zombie after that.
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    Staying separately with spouse

    On my wedding day, I carried my wife in my arms. The bridal car stopped in front of our one-room flat. My buddies insisted that I carry her out of the car in my arms. So I carried her into our home. She was then plump and shy. I was a strong and happy bridegroom. This was the scene of ten years...
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    How to move on? Cannot get over the hurt and anger

    " Semen can be an indication of a man's health status. Normal semen is usually cloudy white or grayish in color. It has a chlorine smell. It is slightly sweet due to high content of sugar (fructose) produced in the seminal vesicles. Taste of sperm may vary depending on a man's diet. You might...
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    Will men go for a Divorcee? How do I kw he is into me?

    I feel that there is no real platonic relationship between a man and a woman unless they are collegues at work or are currently working towards a common goal with mutual benefits. For a guy to date a female colleague out not for working purposes shows that 1) he is interested in her 2)...
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    Will men go for a Divorcee? How do I kw he is into me?

    That guy is interested in you. Some guys find matured ladies more attractive, i belong to this group.
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    How to Annul a Marriage in sg

    Most people after getting married do not keep in touch with their friends anymore. Hence the need for psychiatrist and counselor to share the pain because they have no one else to turn to. What you need now is company. Go find back some of your old friends. You have plenty of time now to...