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    Ang Pow box & gifts for helpers

    Hi Orchid, Could you please send me the instructions as well? Thanx a million! [email protected]
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    Photo Language

    Hi Nov, I took up the entire bridal package with Ted Wu & signed up with Photolanguage. The package was one of the few offered last year during Ted Wu's bridal show at Fullerton Hotel. Therefore the bridal package came with 1 WG (rent), 1 EG (keep), Studio & Outdoor shots 1...
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    Photo Language

    Hi all, Did my bridal photography with Ray and went to see & view our pics last week. They were really great! Honestly, I never had much confidence in my looks & my arms have always been on the fleshy side. But my FH and I felt that Ray captured the best profiles of us. Of course my...
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    Silhouette the Atelier

    Hi Mexx, Agree with passerby cos when u look back, it likely is the gown tat maketh the bride... and the pics tat capture you in tat once in the lifetime moment... i feel tat such memories sometimes a bit bo-bian must spend a bit more