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    Anti Cervical Cancer drug !! Good or bad ??

    Going for my jab next wed, neg for $330 nett for 3 doses. Can pay per dose. Pm me if keen to join
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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    Got brand-new hello care oral sunblock to let go at $60. Bought at $75 in guardian. Can go to their website to check it out. Exp is 2015 Please pm me if keen
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    Cervical cancer vaccine

    My family and friends going for the vaccine next wed and end of month, 30th April Neg for $330 nett with consult. Can pay per dose so is $110nett per visit. Can pm me if u all keen to join in for the price.
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    Any Good Recommendation on Facial Scrub?

    Can try eFresh refining exfoliating gel. Gentle Grain less, feels like the laneige scrub.
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    Acne woes!

    Dear all, Please take a look at the intro of co2 gel mask and their reviews. For breakouts, please do try the egf sheet mask. Thumbs up!
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    A PLACE to recommend your favourite beauty products.

    Hi, I saw someone asking about co2 gel mask. We are the distributor. Can check out promo here: Or at
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    Loius Vuitton

    Hi BB, Midas is right, it's 12%. I m currently in Paris nw. Going back on the 16th. Bought a few items here. And the boutique is very very pack. Sale everywhere in Paris. Bought Ferragamo bag and wallets at 50% off. And if u tink the SA in sg is stuck up. Wait til u encounter the SA in...