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    Dec 2016 Brides

    @kewpie20 and @capricorn18 after trying on at both gown warehouse and bridal affairs, finally decided to go with gown warehouse! put down my deposit with them last week. While i like the service with bridal affairs, and that their price is slightly lower, the gown warehouse really has a lot a...
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    @Akane I have visited Bridal Affairs, so far not too bad. I am visiting another place called the gown warehouse too. If it's just wedding gown, it could range from just a couple of hundreds (about $400) to about a thousand - it adds up for the higher tier range of designs (maybe newer ranges)...
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    Dec 2016 Brides

    Hi everyone! New to this forum... Dec BTB here! @Akane - I am doing ala carte - have booked my photog, makeup artist... currently have been browsing for gowns! I am not doing a pre-wedding photoshoot though as I am intending to just do a simple causal photoshoot with the help of a friend. So...
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    WTB Wedding Lunch/Dinner on 7 Jan 17 or Dinner on 30 Dec 16

    Hi, I am looking for lunch/dinner on 7 Jan 17, or dinner on 30 Dec 16. Around 200 pax. Please contact me, thanks!