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  1. dawnnyyy

    WTB Actual Day Videography

    I had a lunch too! My VG was around that price including express highlights and shooting starting at 6am. Pm if you would like his contact. But I just had my lunch on the 10th this month so.. haven't exactly seen the final product. But he was pretty decent on the ad
  2. dawnnyyy

    Letting go Wedding Wines

    Hey there! But how many litres is your Hendricks?
  3. dawnnyyy

    AD Wedding Itinerary template

    I would really appreciate if I could have a copy! [email protected] Many many many thanks!
  4. dawnnyyy

    LOOKING FOR videography package

    Hi there all! Looking for a budget videography package! Decided not to spend so much as it is going to be a pretty simple event. Details are as follow: Date: 10th Dec 2017 Venue: Four points by Sheraton Bride house: Boon tiong road (tiong bahru) Groom house: Jalan tenaga (eunos/ubi) Rough...
  5. dawnnyyy

    Actual Day Photo and Video to let go

    Very interested in the videography if still available. Kindly email at [email protected]
  6. dawnnyyy

    Selling Wedding Deco

    Any pictures?
  7. dawnnyyy

    WTS: AD Full day videography & photography

    Hello there is it possible to get just the videography services!
  8. dawnnyyy

    WTS > Liquor/Alcohol

    Kindly drop me a text at 86602761, very interested in the vodka!
  9. dawnnyyy

    WTS > Liquor/Alcohol

    Hi these are 700ml bottles? What's the brand of the vodka?
  10. dawnnyyy

    WTS: AD wedding photography/videography/wedding band

    Hello there, is the videography still available?
  11. dawnnyyy

    Actual Day Photo and Video to let go

    Hi Mindy, kindly drop me an email at [email protected] to advise which video company your videographer is from. For quicker comms please don't hesitate to contact me at 86602761 as well. Many thanks!
  12. dawnnyyy

    Selling Actual Day Wedding Videography Package

    Hihi! Very interested could you hook me up with the package details please? Thanks! [email protected]
  13. dawnnyyy

    Post Wedding Sale / Rent

    Good day how do you charge for photobooth and/or candy bar deco [emoji4]
  14. dawnnyyy

    Dec 2017 Brides

    I'm a 10th Dec btb [emoji28]
  15. dawnnyyy

    Clearing Silk Flower Petals (BN)

    Hi! I'm keen on the blues [emoji4]
  16. dawnnyyy

    Wedding Videography Package

    Still available?
  17. dawnnyyy

    WTS: Wedding Table Styling $88

    Hi! Which vendor is yours from? [emoji4]
  18. dawnnyyy

    WTS: Yvonne Creative Wedding Package (Pre-wedding and Actual Day) at attractive price!!!

    Hi! Could you possibly contact me at 86602761 or drop me an email at [email protected]