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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    omg im so sorry. it's not HIPV. it's Atirum that im gonna make my booking with =x thanks for the photos James. Gorgeous pictures you had.
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    hi all, i have plans to booked my banquet with HIPV. care to share your pics ? [email protected] for the march-in songs do anyone have a list? im at a lost at what to choose.... will be glad if anyone will help. TIA
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    Advice on ANG POW BOX

    Hi Brides to Be: The heart shape boxes van be bought at Daiso for $2. If you wanna save money head there & DIY. Daiso sells pretty ribbons too. Hopes it helps cos i see the same boxes some are selling but i think it's a steep price to pay. Anyway dolling it up yourself is best =)
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    Wedding Songs for you

    Hi Dianna, Could u send me ur link too? [email protected] TIA
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    Club Chinois

    anyone care to share the Ballroom & CC AD photos? my email is [email protected] Thanks in advance
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    Hi Shellie & Kook_car pls send me the details [email protected] Thanks a lot ^-^
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    A good pushup bra

    Is the "mask tape" bra = to nubra? If it is, you can go to this website for the wearing and washing instructions.
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    Hi Shellie & Kook_car, I'm keen to know too. Please email me @ [email protected] Thanks.
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    most probably Fairy Point chalet. wanted changi cottage but it seems booked =(
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hi guys, im planning ROM & AD but instead of banquet, we're gonna do it as a buffet in chalet. anyone without banquet? how's the idea?