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    Hamsters: advice required

    hello Pink Bunny, you know anyone giving away baby hamster, kindly let me know. I wish to adopt. he he. [email protected]
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    Perfume - Which one will you recommend?

    I like going to the shop at millennia, all perfumes are exclusively from France. the fragrances really nice and special.
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    Treatment for White Hair

    Hi Tham, pls dun go Yun Nam. my hubby spent more than S$15k there. nothing happen. May i know u like DIY hair colour? It's organic, safe to use. most important non drippy and super fast, 7 mins can wash off. I help my aunty, dad do. very natural. They liked the color too cos able to...
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    Sweaty feet - any non-surgical cure?

    hello Jacko, how much is that?
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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    hello Tiara, I like the current sun screen I'm using now, the texture very light, non thick &amp; creamy. water based. it penetrated into the skin so fast, after that, feel non-greasy. from Japan, S$80 (organic plants) moreover it's 2 in 1, moisturiser &amp; sun screen (SPF 15), protect...
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    Hair Loss... Help...

    my hubby went yun nan for over 5 years, spent more than S$10k, didn't help at all. he went to doctor, the medication help slightly, however, it'll affect the sperm counts, other side effect not known yet. I ask him to stop the medication cos we not sure whether in long run would be harmful...
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    Gym and Kick boxing classes

    previously signed up for 2 years. only attended 3 months, later on, so lazy till it lapse now.. hee hee if you have invitation pass, I don't mind going with you, Gail..
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    ha ha someone mention y s'pore gals has dark circles, maybe because we are fairer? so it's more obvious? Most important is good night sleep. Do not anyhow apply eye products, make sure oil free, if not, dark circles still remains, we may develop oil clogs. I like my seaweed eye gel from...