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    JP Dr Chung Tang Fong

    Hi peeps, anyone had their ROM solemnisation done by Dr Chung? Any reviews?
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    Horse Carriage As Ring holder

    Hi, is your item still for rent?? thanks!
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    Peony Jade Resturant

    Hi, anyone had their wedding banquet @ PJ Clark Quay? Any reviews? I am planning to hold my wedding banquet there. [email protected]
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    Ban heng at harbourfront or pioneer spring at safra club, any advice?

    I am also planning to hold my ROM cum wedding lunch at Ban Heng in Dec next year.. any good suggestion for the BTB who had already booked their package with them?
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    Champagne Gold London Cab

    can anyone please send me the latest rate for pink london cab?? greatly appreciate it!! [email protected]
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    Irregular periods

    I used to have very irregular menses, its either once every 2 months or sometimes once in 6 months, i went to seek chinese sinseh for help and now i am on chinese medication and accupunture and so far my menses have been regular and not much pain as before...
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    Good concealer for dark eye rings ?

    am using the clarins eye cream and though am not very sure if it really works wonder but after a few tries my dark circles does seem to have ligten down and i tried not to pile on too much concealer too to prevent more fine lines from occuring
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    Bloated stomach

    i also suffer from that and my mom brought me to see a chinese doctor and she did accupunture for me and my condition did get better and so now i faithfully will go for my accupunture session every sat and also another way to help is to take small meals
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    Advice on Toner

    I'm also using the toner from Dr G, its good I feel and very refreshing I feel, I bought it from Sasa around $30 plus
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    Advice on Toner

    Hi Grape, Can you please email me the name of the pore tightening organic lotion?? I'm pretty interested to try that ^^ Thanks!! [email protected]