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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    Hello Apple, Your friend should negotiate with the hotel to transfer the package to someone interested, usually at a discount but it is still better than to forfeit the deposit and pay up to 50% of the total package price. I recall seeing a thread here on wedding banquets to transfer...
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    Orchard Parade Hotel-Club Chinos

    Hello Jean, I have emailed you at '[email protected]'. BTW, this is the wrong thread lah! Preciouz
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    Hi Kelsey I would like to view your photos too. Can you kindly email the link to me? Thanks! Preciouz [email protected]
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hello Orchid, Please send me the list as well! Thanx. [email protected]