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    Any place to recommend to do nails extension?

    Hollywood secrets! =) i did mine there for my wedding.
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    what is the highest amount you have spend on LV stuff alone??For LV Fans only

    bot the ribera MM think the shape is very nice. pity it does not have a base so i cannot put very heavy stuff.
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    the trick is to sit there at the same time everyday. just sit there and wait. our body needs to be trained. after you have done this long enough, you will find that your body signals to you that you need to go to the toilet every morning/evening.. quite accurate timing some more =) try it!!!
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    Any good foundation for skin prone to breakout?

    sometimes, it could be that the pores are clogged up and enlarged or even dry - so foundation does not seem to sit on skin nicely. maybe you should work on your skin while looking for a good cover up which does not make skin worse =)
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    my photos at SAM. its a wonderful place to hold your wedding!!! have fun with your wedding planning... if you need any advice on the possible deco for SAM,etc etc.. feel free to post!! goober
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    Advise on gown selection

    Hi Evelyn, If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] I will help where ever I can! =)
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    Advise on gown selection

    Hi Melody, think it's just "Xi" stickers.. =)
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    Advise on gown selection

    hi cutie gal you can check it out at
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    Any good cleanser?

    Hi blushinggrose, apart from using a cleanser which you like,you can also try to use a moisturising toner / mask to take care of the dehydration. cleansers need to be 5.5. pH balance in order not to upset the skin's acid mantle (skin surface). if too alkaline, it will disrupt and result in...
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    Thicken eye lashes?

    why not try lash extensions ladies?? =) I've had mine on for about 3 months (previously another 7 months). No mascara, no smudges, perfect lashes from day to night =) just that when washing face must be careful. cannot wash like usual...up down up down.. =)
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    Beauty - hydrating mask to recommend.

    thumbs up also for Artistry's Moisture Intense mask. i swear it cures my occasionally peeling nose when i apply it overnight. works well as an eye mask as well. Estee Lauder's Night Repair is also a great help when it comes to peeling dry skin, I feel.
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    Any good skin doctor who can cure acne urgently??!!

    hi all, I took roaccutane (Dr Loke - peace centre) twice coz my acne problem was quite rampant. even on the back and the body etc can have pimples. think there are a couple of things I wish to share about this as i notice that there are alot of recommendations here w.r.t this issue: 1...
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    Anyone took photos at Art Museum ?

    Hi slgerman... what is your email addy? =) grapey grape
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    Any good skin doctor who can cure acne urgently??!!

    i used to take roaccutane for 2 courses coz pimples quite bad... then preparing for wedding. please read about the bad side effects of taking such medication. it's very very bad and you should never consider taking it as a long term solution, really.
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    A Nightmare on my wedding day - the diamond ring

    I agree that Larry has good quality setting. worn my ring for more than a year on a daily basis and the setting is still in a perfect condition. I still go back there to give the diamond a good wash once in a while and the after sales service is very good.