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    17K Renovation

    hi little lamb, thanks for sending the pics, your hse looks gd! Can I have the contact of ur contractor?
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Dear Sweet and blursotong, Pls send me your photos too! [email protected]
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    17K Renovation

    Hi Little Lamb, I've just boughth my 5rm flat and is looking for a contractor too. Can I take a look at your contact and photos too? my email a/c: [email protected] Tks!!
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    Any good hair Salons to recommend?

    Hi meekee, Can email me ur pic 2? thks. [email protected]
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Hi ribena, I agree with u. However, how do you manage to find job if you are still holding current job as you will be taking leaves more often just to go for an interview.
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Hi Jasminetea, The reason for leaving the current job is that there are limited prospect in my company. Moreover, my job scope had been increasing without any increment. Hence, wanted to leave current company. Chrysannel12, You mention that you finding new job now but have you tender...
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Hi baobao, Thanks for your advice.
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Hi all, Just curious how many of you actually resigned without a job. Im in HR field and intend to resign without a job. Any advise. Cheers, Jos
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Hi Tess/angel, Can share with me? [email protected]