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    what should i do? honey mood period over..

    i guess we are both serious. cos i only know him for 3 months and i already met his family, fres and colleagues. from the way he treat me, i can tell he is serious and he is not young anymore.. maybe not the sake of settling down immediately but at least if everything goes well, we might get...
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    what should i do? honey mood period over..

    if i nv found out that condom, i would have trusted him.. even though i know he is horny and he is in a circle where there are many temptation. i know watching porn is very normal for a guy. but still i jus feel sad thinking that i am not good enough. it make me feel very low confidence on...
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    what should i do? honey mood period over..

    to him, relationship means we have to engage in sex which i think he isn;t wrong to an extend. actually when i know that he kept condom in the car, i question him twice. but the answer he give me makes me hard to belive.. logically, i also have the same thinking as you.. guys who keep condoms in...
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    In a dilemma,stuck in a painful situation.

    my bf also bad temper.. i think most of the guys are hot temper. and he got very serious OCD. every small thing, he will make a big fuss and panic, the good thing is he nv vent his anger on me before.. how i deal with him is, when he throw his temper. i will jus keep quiet. pretend not to...
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    How to be happy?

    don't compare. you will be happier if you stop comparing yourself with others.
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    Need Serious Advice, in a direction seeming wrong but feels too right

    my current bf and i know each other through online as well. on the 5th date, we are already together. but he did bring me to see his parents and meet up his friends. even facebook we also added each other although we did not disclose our pictures together in social media and we did not update...
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    what should i do? honey mood period over..

    my bf and i have been together for 3 months plus.. at the start, things has been going well. though he is much older than me but we can hit off pretty well. for the first few months, we engaged quite actively on sexual activities. so everything were doing well and seems fine. recently, i found...