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    Wedding Shoes

    Nude flats ok? Or silver better?
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    Managed to cover wedding costs?

    Why don't u just share here?
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    2018 BTB

    Think prices are around there. I'm renting 3 gowns too, cost around 3k! Signed with LaBelle
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    Gown rentals

    It's more ala carte... rental starts from 1.8k if I remember correctly.. purchase starts from 2.5-3k? Something like that..
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    2018 BTB

    I visited their shop randomly but didn't sign up with them. Wasn't comfortable with the lady's selling and also didn't see any dress I like. She was nice enough to let me try on a few gowns but that was after listening to her entire sales pitch.
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    2018 BTB

    Interested to know more and view her portfolio. PM me?
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    Church wedding without reception

    Mind sharing which caterer and feedback pls!
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    Church wedding without reception

    We're also gonna do church wedding [emoji1] no banquet [emoji1303][emoji1303] Also wanted to do away with tea ceremony but I think cannot haha. Nvm, no banquet already very good!
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    2018 BTB

    Actually, what are these ampoules for? How come all the MUA have this additional item to purchase and it seems like everyone usually buys this? I didn't know one time use 4-5 vials.. wow.....
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    2018 BTB

    i got the $2888 package - one AD gown rental & 26 credits haha i'll use the credits for PW gown rentals and also AD hair & makeup etc. the PW gown rental is 6 credits per gown!
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    Gown rentals

    alwaysssss try their gowns before signing. i wouldn't sign if i didnt find anything i like!
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    Gown rentals

    i went down to try some gowns coz i thought i wanted to buy one. end up not buying haha. the lady was nice to let me try like 5-6 gowns! go there only if you want Pronovias. else, no point going.
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    2018 BTB

    I signed yesterday with LaBelle couture haha. Was also only looking to get gowns for AD & PW. We found a photog that we like so we didn't need full package.
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    2018 BTB

    Visited a few bridal studios but my focus is solely on gowns... We're choosing our own Photographers and florists separately. - Labelle has a huge range of gowns & service was great (Lucas). They have a very flexible package. Will be signing up with them. - TWC carries their own gowns as...
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    WTS Wedding Diary Deco Package $600 (Worth $1200)

    Details and any expiry? Thanks!
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    WTS Actual day package

    which shop? thanks
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    Any good dermatologist to recommend?

    Niks products make your skin become more sensitive? I think the best way to control acne is with medication.. accutane etc. But of coz not good Long term.
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    Wedding gowns, parasol, photo shoot props,

    Pls let me have pics and prices of the gowns thanks
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    WTS limited edition Vera Wang Ball gown

    Hi interested, can you pls send me pics and price? Thanks!