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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    You may want to try this shop. Happen to chance upon them during one of the wedding shows I attended.!/cee5 They offer Free step by step guide when you purchase from them unlike those Chinatown shops. Seems like...
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    四点金 for 过大礼?

    Check out this website. I think they are quite detailed and they provide free step by step guide when you purchase from them.!/c1xkc
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    Guo da li stuff and roasted pig

    maybe you can try out Bachelorette @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre Level 2, their website is They are quite reasonable in pricing as compared to TheChineseWeddingShop & ShuangXile. I saw the exact same Wedding Teaset at TheChineseWeddingShop in Jcube & ShuangXile selling...
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    WTS: Brand new Wedding Bedsheet & Wedding Shoe

    Wedding Bedsheet Set still available? Is it brand new and unopened in pack? I want to buy as a gift for my sister wedding this coming Sep. Is the price still nego? Thank you.
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    四点金 for 过大礼?

    Si Dian Jin is only compulsory from the Groom side based on the old traditions to the Teochew bride. But modern days, many families practice giving Si Dian Jin as well. Dragon Phoenix bangle is for Cantonese. End of the day, I feel that consensus decision making of the two families is far more...
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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    I personally find TheChineseWeddingShop very expensive and ShuangXiLe even though lower price online, but when you go down to their store, you will realize that their package is not really complete and you have to add on quite a number of things and adds up to quite alot too. Le Knot package...
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    Tea ceremony

    Tea Ceremony should be Groom side first followed by Bride change into Kua before return back to Bride's house for Tea Ceremony.
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    Need suggestions on wedding emcee

    For wedding favors, you may wish to consider Bachelorette. I got mine from them. They offer a wide range for wedding favors & accessories. Shop is at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 2nd floor.
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    Fabric Roses Petals

    There is a shop at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre on the 2nd Floor selling it. Very cheap. 300 pcs for $10 only. All ready packed. Dont need to peel on your own. They have many colours also. The name of their shop is called "Bachelorette". You can try and have a look.