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    Cellini Furniture

    Anyone bought this sofa with red cushion backing?? Any photo to share?
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    Cellini Furniture

    Sweet my backing is red in colour. Hi serrich, just called them up today and they told me tat the extra cover does not include the frame set (checked with both loyang and marina sq branch) . Only the seat and backing cover.
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    Cellini Furniture

    Are u sure that the extra set include the frame cover? To all,anyone here who have bought a extra cover set got the frame cover set as well? Anyone bought this sofa Semanti model (SF9128), how many backing(cushion bag) does it come with?
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    Cellini Furniture

    Hi cottoncandy, how long did u wait for the sofa to be delivered to u ? What additional offers they gave to u ?
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    Recommendation for Refridgerators

    Anyone using Panasonic NR-B472B refrigerator? Can check for me what is the actual depth. Thanks cos i believe the depth as stated in the website is not accurate. 675 (W) x 775 (D) x 1764 (H) (mm).
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    Bed Frame

    Anyone heard of this brand Benwood funiture?