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    (Universal Studios Singapore) USS Retail Voucher

    Hi, $5 Retail Discount Voucher for exchange or to let go at $1.30 including normal postage. T&C Valid thru 30/4/2014 Valid with minimum spending of $30 Any retail outlet in USS 1 voucher per transaction
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    WTS: Universal Studio Singapore USS Express Pass & Discount Voucher

    Hi I have 2 express passes to skip the regular queue to 5 rides in USS. The 5 rides are Transformers, Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4D and Madagascar. Selling for $30 for both passes (valid till 19 June 2013) Also have discount voucher which entitles holder to the purchase...
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    WTB: Clip on dangling earrings

    Hi Looking for the above for a dinner party. Pls PM or email [email protected] if you have any to let go cheaply. Include pics, price, condition, and location (prefer self pickup at buona vista or tanjong pagar mrt stn). Thks
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    WTS: Photobook Singapore Voucher (heaven)

    Hi I have a $80 Photobook Singapore voucher to let go at $10. This voucher is only valid for 15†x 11†large landscape imagewrap 40 pages hardcover photo book. Expiry 13 May 2013 PM me if keen.
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    WTS: BN Tea Set

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    WTS: BN Tea Set

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    WTS: BN Tea Set

    Hi I have a BN tea set (from marina square) to let go. Pls PM me your offer as i seldom check here. Collect at tanjong pagar, tiong bahru or buona vista mrt. Thks.
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    Dear all, I heard that part of Angkor Wat temple is under renovation. Anybody know when it will complete? It will be a shame to go there and see it is under reno. Thanks.
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    Part time maid

    Hi Hayashi, Kelpy, Did you manage to get a part-time maid? Looking for one too in your area... Do recommend me if they are good... Thanks !
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    Ceiling Fans - Any recommendations?

    I have a brand new ceiling fan to let go at attractive price. It is still sealed in the original box, not opened yet. Some info as follows: Odyssey 52" 5 wooden blade 3 speed control Life-time warranty If interested, pls let me know or PM me. Thanks.
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    Hi, I have extra 5 bottles of wolf bass eaglehawk red wine to let go at attractive price. Pls email me for details if you are interested. Email add: [email protected]
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi there! how is every1 doing with preparation? S(worry) & JoviaGer, have you gals got your wine? I so disappointed to hear that not much changes made to Vanda Ballroom...was told the glass was frosted, carpet changed only... prob will check with co-ordinator on whether the chi-na pic...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi gals, Due to some unexpected event, i would not be getting the wines over this you still have time to ponder over it... My apologies as i was extremely busy with work recently... Will keep u gals posted again...i have just activated my PM function (finally!!!)...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Oh S, by the way, i think there is only 1 type of Eaglehawk which is with maroon strip...never seen green strip during my "research"..
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi S & JoviaGer, sorry, was really time to visit this site... and pai seh...dunno how to activate the PM feature.. yes, planning to consolidate the orders so that we can the get consignment benefit...basically if we place the order under 1 name with total amt exceeding $500...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi gals, have negotiated with them...they are not willing to go down on price but agree to deliver to 2 different places on 2 different days.. fyi, stock is running low... min consignment amt => $500 min delivery amt => $250 my husband is already complaining that i so "mah fan", must...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    hi Joviager, consignment rate of 20% meaning at 40 bottles, max can only return 8 bottles.. U still want? I prob will contact them again this weekend to negotiate, so gals do revert soon... actually for myself, i find the price reasonable given that i have checked out a number of places...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Oh just to add, it is eaglehawk 2003 (maroon strip)..same price for carbernet (red) & chadonney (white).. MM told me they are using eaglehawk, i read somewhere they are using 2003 maroon label. So i think this should be it..
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi S & Swinggal, No prob sharing the let me know so that i can estimate no.of bottles for bargaining purposes... They do delivery for $250 & above, but not on different if we combine orders,may have to go some central place to pick up instead... unless again we...