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    Hong Kong Hotels - which is good?

    hotel panaroma is good for its interior design and location nearest to tst mtr. worth considering.
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    Any normal facial service at west area to recommend?

    I am currently using princessbeauty at tanjong pagar plaza but the beautician branch out to another location at whampoa thus making it inaccessible for me. I am now seeking badly for an ideal beautician who is quiet, no hard sell and most importantly, with good skills at reasonable rate located...
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    Any good hair salon/ stylist to recommend at Compasspoint?

    hi suishi, u can call him at 98363193.
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    Any good hair salon/ stylist to recommend at Compasspoint?

    Hi Louis, i made an appointment to have my hair cut and highlite by Thomas ytd. Told him i got to know abt him tru word of mouth n of cos i mentioned ur name hehehe...he sent his regards to u ley! Thank u so much for ur recommendation, Thomas really is a detailed and dedicated & professional...
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    Jurong West: Condemned Housing Estate?

    i must add on the 24hours coffeeshop near to the new mrt station has lotsa gd food! from chicken wings to chicken rice to their duck rice, fish soup check it out! Also, to travel to orchard by 502A will take abt 47mins cos i take that EVERYDAY!
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    Kose Facial

    thanks sleepykoara. so which beautician at taka will u highly recommend?
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    Kose Facial

    hello ladies, heard so much abt kose facial. Up to date, which beautician do you gals recommend at the Taka branch? I mean one who is frdly, skilful and no hard sell? Thanks so much.
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    hi gals, safe to travel to bkk now? got flood anot huh?
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    Gallery Hotel, anyone?

    Hi all, i had my wedding solemnisatn n dinner last dec. Alfred is a young, responsible chap compared to his superior, the malay guy who tends to be more forgetful n more difficult to "cham siong". Have fun for those who r gonna hold your big day there! memorable n unique! COOL! thumbs up for the...
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    hello to all! I'm going to BKK from 11-14 Aug, travelling by tiger, stayin@ diamond city hotel. Trying to plan itinery now as main concern is to go to weekend mkt and pattaya. Unsure how to go to the station to catch the bus to pattaya ley, anyone got any pointers ? thanks! Wherelse is worth...
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    Photo on the Wedding Card

    hi all! my wedding card came with many photos and colours too and i've chosen wedding promises to take charge. they are very nice ladies. can check out their website Can talk to allyson and let her know you are recommended by Jane & Jason. cheers!
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    Any comments on OM furniture?

    Hey guyz... i bought a coffee table (displayset) last month at a 30% discount cos the salesgirl told me is LAST piece but when i visited their store again at LC last week i saw the same set and it's going at a much cheaper price! I really daren't commit myself to buy their items for fear they...
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    Any recommendations for hobs & hood?

    thumbs up for Asia Excel-Ray! Slash slash slash the prices!!! hahaha! too carried away cos my hubby and i didn't expect to be able to decide on hood+hob+oven+sink+tap+heater all at his shop. He gives thorough explanation and pros n cons! Best is the price!!! Not to forget must mention eugene...
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    hi anyone has non-church program (duties) for whole day? thanks in advance. [email protected]
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    Any mahjong players out there?

    hahaha u all very gao xiao ley!!! i also another one who likes to eat the real soft rice!
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    Any mahjong players out there?

    hello everyone, u all play the mj must count tai one huh? i only know how to play those basic mj no nid count flowers/tai one...if not i sure join all of u!
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    so slgerman, are u married? no financial burden to worry? how you spend ur time now?
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    hi all, i've not been working for 3mths and my income comes from my FH and partially from winning 4D (every month) so still can tide over.
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    Any invitation card designers to recommend?

    hi Jane Care to share your card with me pls? thanks. [email protected]
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    Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing

    U can view JHC at Had a discussion w my FH, most probably choosin Flam since he said it's 100-200 difference so still can make do with it. i know he is aware i prefer flam la hehehehe... i saw Jawn's rates b4 higher than the two BS i shortlisted ley that's why i did not go...