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    Acrylic/fake nails?

    I agree with maylittle, the finger would be very weak after the nail filling, my fingernail is destroyed and look ugly after the removal. Now have to let the fingers to heal. Would not do again.
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    i agree appt is difficult, they allow 7 weeks later. somehow after the 4th session, i got stubborn hair again.
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    HELP!!!....need to have a beautiful back!!!

    Agree wwtih Jasmine - use body scrub and brush
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    Brazilian Wax

    Yes, very painful for first timers!
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    Body contours

    I signed package with them. They are fine, not the cheapest on the street. Nothing to shout about. Could be some hard selling, but not as bad as modern beauty/Giman
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    Acrylic/fake nails?

    I did nail extension - v4ery natural. Nail paegant @doby ghaut has 50% promotion S60 for full set. I would not say the result is fanstatic( as i think the manicurist put the nail extension too inside) but value for $$. It still on my finger after 1 weeks but it would hurt your finger coz the...
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    CFA anyone?

    I finished all 3 levels two years ago. I must say there is no short cut - i took one week leave off before exam to do the cramming, but prior that one has to study about 4 hours/day every weekend 2 months ahead. Lastly need to do schweser practice exam - very important! Good luck...
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    sothys is good! but very expensive, so i have to buy from ebay
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    Any ladies here wan to join the contour Express CCK branch?

    i used groupon and went for their trial. I like the trainer - friendly and helpful. If wasn;t for my existing gym member i would have sign up with them. The owner was there explaining the pacckage but not pushy. It is a combi of cardio and weight training, which i think should help to lose...
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    Any good skin doctor who can cure acne urgently??!!

    agree with gracey no permanent cure, i have the same problem if go dermatologist usu use cream, take longer time to see effect. If go blue light + peel very fast, my pimple dry up and heal very fast I know there is also a injection to reduce the acne fast in case got serious big breakout
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    Cervical cancer vaccine

    if you are virgin then not never old. coz sexually active ppl might got contract the virus already ( dormant) so the vaccine not effective. they protect only few type of virus usu those deadly.
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    Anti Cervical Cancer drug !! Good or bad ??

    i had it, dunno whtether effective or not. Dr say gardasil provide more protection, but limited long -period studies so would not know how long it would last, so far 5 years proven. It would be more effective for those do did not have sexual activities before, regardless of age. Coz may contract...
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    Dr Joyce Lim at Paragon

    Yes I went to her. Expensive but effective. BAscially use her vit C, matifying gel, retim A/differin, another cream then dalacin T. Need to do for few months to see the effect.MY skin looks good for few months without breakout. But prepare to spend at least 400 for each visit incl product. I...
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    Anyone try Blue light therapy or PPX photopnuematic therapy???

    BTW I went to glow for PPX trial before that, the consultant try to ask me upgrade to full PPX for S$400 cum facial, which i think is very expensive for salon to charge such a rate. So i say no and just want the trial. And she tell the therapist to give me TWO shots! What a waste of my $$ and...
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    ANyone tried BioP2X with Bioskin??

    i went to glow and try their PPX for S68. To my horror the consultant lily try to convince me to upgrade to S400+ full PPX with facial and sign up pkg S5k pa for unlimited session, as she claim that the trial only cover some portion of the face. I refuse as i think it is too expensive for a...
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    Anyone try Blue light therapy or PPX photopnuematic therapy???

    I go to Dr Cindy for peel + blue light therapy acne therary, trial S48 only, very cheap. My pimple dries up in 1-2 days and my face looks much better. So i decide to sign on the spot. Later I check the price and found it is reasonable.
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    musee is good, i sign up with them. 3rd time already and the hair is very fine now and slow growing very cheap for unlimited services