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    Financial matters between husband & wife

    In the twenties... Gal age cannot reveal too much... Hahaha... But I do hear from my friends that their husband let them fully in charge of their $, salary, account, etc. As long as it's $ matters...
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    Financial matters between husband & wife

    oh... then you are wrong... my bring home is less than 2k... irony.... #_#
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    Today report 9.56am - 6.8 Yesterday is 6.15pm - 7.6 Some areas affected only.
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    Financial matters between husband & wife

    For others I'm not sure, but maybe I'm super unlucky cause all the guys I'm with, don't let me touch their $ and even ask for the $ back if they got proof of payment by them. Maybe I got the 女强人 life so all guys in my life depends financial on me... :p
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    Balloting Exercise July - Jurong West

    is it due to the sqm?
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    Hope for reconcilation after marital separation...

    Being the husband or wife, respect each other is most important. I always believe you can't change another person to the one that you HOPE for. Relationship / Marriage don't work that way.
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    Innocent flirting?

    It's sad to know certain things... Better to know nothing or hurt yourself even further...
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    Admiralty Blk 688-690

    Neighbours don't complain then u heng lor... :p
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    Sembawang Green BTO sep 06

    This can complain to HDB or not ah?
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    What is marriage to you?

    Agree on that part too. Marriage is very simple. When can to what the 2 is thinking then whole thing is different already.... Kekekeke.... So complicated. :p
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    What is marriage to you?

    Agree on the paper part. It seemed like the signed paper forces 2 persons to be together, but still there are positive & negative thinking about it. ANYWAY WHO DOESN'T WANT HAPPILY EVER AFTER? But Shit Happens!!!!
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    What is marriage to you?

    I have seen lots of discussion on marriage / love / divorce / infidelity / etc... So what is marriage to you? Got so confuse that I myself don't understand the meaning of marriage, makes me wonder whether marriage is needed when comes to 1 male & 1 female.
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    HOw True is that ?

    If knowing a guy is so easy then there won't be some more heart broken souls out there... Hahaha...
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    Is he lying?

    U decide. Trust the one who is father of your child, or the 4 girls who u never met. If so uncertain, why not meet the 4 girls to verify??? That's what my gf did to be sure....
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    How to win him back?

    Oh... Is he implying that you are not that soulmate that meet his criteria???
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    Is he lying?

    Do you need to find PI? Your uncertainty is eating you up... What will you do if it's true???
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    My ex did that and I paid & we are finally STRANGERS. It's just this kind of bastard that ruin our lives... I just earn back my $ happily.
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    Your Views

    No la... will jealous leh... But I don't really care; quite confident of myself.. haha
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    Proposal Ring

    Hi fat_ger, I never heard of defred that's y din consider it. I might go to Love & Co, SK & Soo Kee to compare. See actual thing & ask price at the same time. :D
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    Proposal Ring

    I might look into 0.32 carat, no choice but raise my budget. Besides SK / Citigems, any other shops to recommend?