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    Gathering for 30s

    hey people. nice to see the thread's alive still. Ok, there is a xmas/year end gathering around the corner. Interested kindly pm me or jarah. Linda, contacted u alrdy.
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    What's on her mind?

    wah milo i liked ur notes on the "..continue to look better and younger despite being in their 30s & 40s" Totally agree n flattering (i grabbed it ^^). I noticed alot men in their 30s started paid 1000x more attention to self, some r even fitter and macho-er than their peers in the...
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    Any experienced MOE Teachers arnd to give advice?

    lol.. see TS, know what i mean now? Just pick up the facts objectively and avoid siding any of the post. Balancing of opinions w/o offending anyone, special trait of a teacher, need that. Yes, teaching is noble, need a gd heart too, n believe in picking starfishes from the beach and...
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    Any experienced MOE Teachers arnd to give advice?

    oic now... Not sure what type of engineering u refering and organisation. So perhaps a more generic situation - Stable job and structured promotions is gd! At least no need stress abt exceling As for the boss' impression, well, i guess it happens sometimes, but most important is own...
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    Any experienced MOE Teachers arnd to give advice?

    The cons r described. Now the pros - Im from engineering background too and in the education line. First, as engineers, they r exposed to problem analysis and solving, with logical thinking. Engineers approach tasks in a very systematic manner and do calculated moves. In this aspect...
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    Gathering for 30s

    lmao. some1 juz emailed me n asked me to transfer $15 to some account for the farm thing. nice try ^^
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    Gathering for 30s

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    Gathering for 30s

    "any singles here after work - 6pm have nothing to do? " any married here after work - 6pm have nothing to do? lol
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    Gathering for 30s

    whahaha fly kite.. over healthy liao, but i like. Juz need to wear sun block go marina barrage fly fly. but tat also mean late afternoon, implies weekend nia. But weekend alot ppl got commitment here de wor. Can plan la, no hard n fast rule xD
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    Gathering for 30s

    hahhaa i know she joking intelligently. im juz kiting with time as a respond to the joke nia ^^ but thankfully jajah is a nice lady, n im a nice guy too. lol peace...
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    Gathering for 30s

    wat smart? i thot standard procedure wan ma. 21st century xD
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    Need a holiday......

    interesting... y.. guys no need summer accessories? lol
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    Experience with death or old age..

    birth, old age, sickness and death are natural cycles of life. here's my recent recollection. I was sweating it out at the gym and merry making and luffing with fellow users on a nice evening. Then suddenly the hp rang n i picked it up. "Po po juz passed away peacefully mins ago" At...
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    Wedding invites dilemma

    hi TS, i can give u the model answer for this. But first, i have to strongly disagree with some replies on "if u duno them, dont invite". This rule only applies to friends and relatives. However when it comes workplace, u HAVE to invite the big bosses, regardless of whether u know them 0% or...
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    Ladies Out There (New thread) Here to Share

    wah exclusive ladies club? guy intrude abit hor.. lol hi all, ya im from the "gathering for 30+" thread. So far organised 2 successful outing (mixture of m/f). If care to join can hijack to that thread or drop me a pm, den can add every1 up to fb. Planning to expand/merge the groups to...
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    Gathering for 30s

    hi all, was another great outing last evening! Thks Jajah for pushing on despite a few last minute absentees. We had a wonderful surprise also btw during the outing. ^^ And welcome all new members to the outing. Glad that the group is expanding. Evon/dimp or any1 interested can pm...
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    wah another group. hi all. Wat is the general profile here ar? im married, mid 30s, guy. can contact who if i joining 2nite outing?
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    Lousy Neighbour

    hahah thomas, my way of dealing wif 'territorial animals' is to become 1 myself. See, im not a plant lover, but sometimes planting pots of plants along the corridor has its advantage. Im sure we see ppl dumping their used cabinets outside corridor or placing some bicycles or shoe racks...
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    How do you know you stand a chance?

    i suggest go easy. This was the mistake i made when i was early 20s. If i were to redo everything again in my now 30s, i would do it differently: Try to chit chat over msn casually or look at wat she's interested in over fb. Will b good if u got some common hobby like music, movies...
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    Gathering for 30s

    buffet is gd, can eat n talk til they close, coz we'll never run outa topic n food n got 'chased' away. few nice place i been to: 1. sizzler at suntec can b quite crowded, nt sure abt weekdays though 2. sizzler at toa payoh went there for lunch salad bar buffet, nice crowd is ok, but...