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    Mediation / Lawyer for divorce matter

    I'm filing divorce soon. My friend told me to go for mediation for divorce matter (is free), anyone went through this successfully? OR Any ladies here are in the midst in filing for divorce? Email me at : [email protected]
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    Promise Rings from BF

    Thanks. So weird that my just married colleague told me that his wife wear it on her right ...
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    Promise Rings from BF

    For female's wedding ring, should be on our left or right hand? I know guys are always on their left hand.
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    Divorce women meetup

    I'm planning to divorce next year . And I'm feeling so loneliness. I guess most of divorce women / single women will face the same situation as me. So I'm starting this thread , hoping to get to know more divorce women for meetup (chit chat / shopping) to make ourselves mind wandering around and...