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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    If you really love him, please let him go. Having an extramarital affair with another man not just destroys the trust and marriage vows, it also hurts his pride and dignity as a man. It's pretty much over from there. A friend of mine's wife did the same to him. He was never the same person after...
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    Divorce and HDB matters

    Way too much math. Did the CPF and HDB guys not offer to help you out with this?
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    Should I tell my daughter now? (Finale)

    Yes, thats true. Adultery is no longer valid reason for divorce if you found out and did not take action in 6 months. Singapore courts will just assume you were fine with it...
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    Should I tell my daughter now? (Finale)

    No point quarreling or making passive aggressive remarks towards her. She doesn't see you as a husband anymore and probably wants a divorce as much as you do. I'd focus on contacting a lawyer and working out a case and then planning the next stage of life: happy and financially free retirement...
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    Should I tell my daughter now? (Finale)

    File it well before CNY (like now). I hope you're not superstitious or anything but it sounds like you don't wanna wait and sounds like he has one foot out the door already.
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    Mixed feelings...

    You told his parents? Sounds like a divorce or seperation is inevitable
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    Should I tell my daughter now? (Finale)

    Its really up to you whatever you want to do and how you want to handle this. I am not in your shoes so I don't know whats the best or how your daughter will react or be affected. However, if it were me I'd do it now without telling my daughter. I'll do it ASAP and tell her after the wedding but...
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    Dont know how to advice my friend...

    A close friend came to me for advice but I am unsure how to help him out other then tell him to talk to a lawyer before going any further... His wife has given birth and the boy's DNA is not his. After confronting her, she confessed that she had an affair with another man. She claims it is over...
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    Is Wife Having An Affair?

    doesnt sound like anything worth salvaging... your only loss is that woman's charter won't cover your financial needs if youre relying on her ... i hope you have made good investments over your last 30 years and wish you all the best
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    Mixed feelings...

    What if there is a prenup?