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    WTB gown credits

    Do let me know if you have any gown credits/ package to sell (i.e. Name of boutique, Package price, Inclusions). Must be valid till end 2022/early 2023 at least. Thanks.
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    WTS: Wedding Crafters Gown Package

    Hi im interested, pls pm me
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    WTS Bqueen Bridal Package

    Hi im interested, do let me know if still available
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    Wedding Gown Package For Sale

    Hi im interested. But which studio?
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    WTB Wedding Lunch/Dinner banquet Jun-Sep 2022

    Pls PM me if you are selling. WTB Wedding Lunch/Dinner banquet Jun-Sep 2022 150-200 pax Preferably 4-5 star hotel or established restaurants
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    Want to Sell: St. Regis John Jacobs Ballroom Dinner Banquet on 19th Dec 2021

    Does hotel allow change of date to 2022?
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    Regent Singapore

    hi, would like to check with you your experience, is there any referral perks?
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    WTS: Sofitel Singapore City Center

    hi pls pm me the package + price to take over. thanks