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  1. Ong Ming Yi

    2018 BTB

    Hi everyone! I'm a April 2018 BTB with Conrad and Jess Haute Couture (PW and AD) [emoji4]
  2. Ong Ming Yi

    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Congrats!! I'm having my wedding at Conrad in April 2018 and really happy to hear good feedback about it. Are you able to share who is your wedding coordinator, what happened for the technical fault and your menu?
  3. Ong Ming Yi

    Pre wedding Photoshoot & Actual day Gowns & Photography

    Hi is this still available? [emoji4]
  4. Ong Ming Yi

    WTS: Actual day package (photography and videography options)

    Hi I'm interested! You can contact me at [email protected], thank you [emoji4]
  5. Ong Ming Yi

    Giving up Conrad wedding banquet lunch 22/10/2017

    Hi! Can I check if this is still available? If so, kindly email to [email protected], thank you :)
  6. Ong Ming Yi

    Four seasons Hotel wedding luncheon 3 dec 2017

    Hi! May I know if it is still available? If so, kindly email me at [email protected], thank you :)