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    Break up? Or stay on? :(

    I think you already know what you should do... I find " he truly loves me a lot and is a very committed partner" contradicting to stuff you said above. When people are committed and in love they are a) happy b) have a common direction to go towards to c) most certainly have no need to filter...
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    Friends that is superstitious about being a bridesmaid

    either a) work on your parent, sounds like they are equally superstitious too OR b) hire people to be your bridesmaids c) or ask those who are not close to u is suppose to be a fun day but yours kinda got affected by this request. sorry to hear that :(
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    Wedding $$$$ giving and returning

    are you ok with him being wiped out? if yes, then this is a trouble relationship. i don't see why a guy has to pay for all these things when he is earning lesser and just starting out. back to ing1's question,does this symbol have any $ value to u? how much are u expecting him to pay? i have a...
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    Not wedding related- but need advises whether to accept a new job offer

    i was in a job i disliked too for a duration longer than you. and there are similR stuff going on, lack of learning, politics etc. what's more there isn't any bonus or AWS either. my current job did not give me a pay increment despite me having a higher qualification but it was one of the best...
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    2017 brides

    our wedding is finally over, for those who have yet to "graduate" hang in there :D
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    Solemnization in ROM Office

    Just had my rom there You probably spend more time waiting for your guests than being in the room itself The actual procedure did take at max 5-10min Also you can "jump q" Say if your appointment time is 4pm u can actually go n register at 3pm. If the couples between 3-4pm aren't present...
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    thanks lpp (can i call u that haha) is like he already don't want to have the wedding and now there are problems with the dates and invitation list, it just adds to the frustration cuz u are forcing him to think about things he already doesn't want. also what do you mean by clash, as in the...
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    i would naturally point fingers too if i wasn't the one who started the trouble. that's human nature. is like someone pull me into this s.h.i.t and i sitll have to wipe the sai away. don't make sense right? there must be a reason y he insist on waiting until 2019. that is just the top level...
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    i agree with what the rest of the peeps said above. we have yet to see why is he unwilling to marry now, apart from the 2019 bto reason. understand that u wanna start a family soon, but what about him, does he want a kid so soon? any plans about living arrangement after the wedding? his...
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    May 2017 Brides

    we initially shortlisted OCC as it was close to home but went with another in the end. Peach garden food should be quite standard :)
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    May 2017 Brides

    I am also on May 7 :D
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    2017 brides

    Can anyone share the rates for their wedding car rental (6hours)? :)
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    I guess I will throw in another point, what makes a guy think that he is the final decision maker even if he decides to pursue either A or B :p
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    Announcing your engagement to the parents

    congrats :D did your mister informed your parents about his intention to propose to you? Cuz for my case my parents knew everything (even how the ring looked like and his plans to propose overseas) so we just sent them a picture over whatsapp lol
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    2017 brides

    dont wanna have too much fun because I can't bring their skilful MUAs and beautiful gowns over to SG lolol
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    2017 brides

    was it cold? haha sounds fun! Cant wait for mine in Apr :D
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    we actually collected our keys and there was no need to show any form of proof to the hdb officers, they jus told us to get ROM within three months iirc and submit the info to our local town council within a year
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    2017 brides

    THE gown is not a myth hahah because i managed to find it at TGW the day, also had to upgrade to the 1988 package because we ended up having lunch and dinner. you need a coordinator with a really good eye and also friends who know your style. for my first couple appt i went with my htb...
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    emerald wedding band

    hi, can anyone recommend a shop for this? I only need 1 speck of emerald on the ring. This search has proven to be really difficult as we have a tight budget and also most shops don't do tiny emeralds but those really huge ones haha. All help appreciated :)
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    2017 brides

    finally decided on AD photog (KWedding) and wedding location (Indocafe- The Whitehouse) now all that's left are just the nitty-gritty!