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    WTB Weekend Wedding Banquet Dinner For 2018 or 2019.

    Can I have ur email
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    2018 BTB

    You can try french wedding if you want!
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    Losing weight

    Try not to use medication. Best is to have fruits and fish soup beehoon kind of meal. Reduce your food intake by 20% and try to workout. It definitely works. It's a healthy way too. Lots of vege needed
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    WTS: Park Royal Beach Rd Banquet

    Hi can pm me?
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    French Wedding Bridal Studio

    Anybody care to share the white gowns y'all tried?
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    2018 BTB

    Hi jes!! You're back! [emoji23][emoji87]
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    Pm-ed you!
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    WTS: 2 Dec 2017 Westin Dinner

    Hi shuhui! pls pm me
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    WTS Four points by Sheraton Hotel

    More perks will be shown when you contact me! Thanks
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    WTS wedding banquet dinner at Marina Mandarin

    Hi can i check if can change the date to 2018? hahaha
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    WTB Wedding dinner package 30.12.2018

    Hi Looking out for banquet for 30.12.2018 tables that accomodate up to 35 tables! Please pm me for more details or email me at [email protected] Thank you so much!
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    WTS Four points by Sheraton Hotel

    Hi, Looking for serious buyers. I am letting go of a very good package from Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, which includes 10% discounts off from every table which amount to $1280 nett per table (inclusive of GST and service). So far we have paid the deposit of $5000. It is a pity that im...
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    Letting go of Banquet at Westin on 3rd June 2018

    How much are u selling for
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    Managed to cover wedding costs?

    Yes pls pm me about that thanks
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    Military wedding

    Hi guys, any military brides? Any advice on the Mc script?
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    2018 BTB

    Hi anybody interested in Taiwan pre wedding shoot package? From bluebay
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    Letting go of our banquet package at hotel fort canning

    Hi possible for 2018?
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    Hi can you send it to me as well hehe thanks [email protected]
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    Letting go of Westin Package on the 15.1. 17. Dates can be adjusted

    Hi can you PM me the details of ur package?