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    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    Hi, have dropped you an email but would like to follow up, please remove post as the issue has been resolved, thank you.
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    How early to start facial.

    Facials should be done regularly twice a month, and it takes a few months to get the skin in order.. Subsequently just maintain at once every 3 weeks. In between the facials I recommend double cleansing your face, means oil wash before foam or liquid wash. Also don't forget the sheet masks. My...
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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    Hi zyyf, emailed you! Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Red Mailbox as Angbao Box for Rental

    Hi, have dropped you an email. Thank you! Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Red Mailbox as Angbao Box for Rental

    Hi I'm keen to rent/buy this. How much would it be to buy? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    How to slim down my chubby face?

    Hi fellow BTBs, just sharing my method to lose weight. Simply stop eating carbs and sugar, and don't limit yourself on any other food categories, e.g. you can eat all the meat you want. I started this in mid feb'14, and as of now I lost 2 UK sizes and dropped 12kg. I didn't intend to lose...
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    Bridal stuffs for sale and giveaway

    Hi Rene, I'm new to this app, no idea how to PM you. Can you message me at 9 one o 1 5949? Thanks. Using SingaporeBrides app
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    WTS: Wedding stuff to let go (Rustic DIY deco/gowns/necklace/ties/flowergirl dress/headbands)

    Can I find out more abt the Polaroid camera and films? Photos and expiry date of the films? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Anyone has reliable feng shui master to recommend?

    My family uses master Chiu for the past 10 years, he does both fengshui and life reading and he is from Hong Kong. PM me for details as he is quite low profile and on a referral basis only. Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Bridal stuffs for sale and giveaway

    Oops bnoticed that the lollipop stand is gone, how much for the rest in total? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    WTS: One carton / 12 x Rivercrest Redwine

    Can I buy only 5 bottles? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Bridal stuffs for sale and giveaway

    Hi, I would like the lollipop stand, fun card, mail stand, milk bottle and the hangers. Bulk discount please? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    WTS: 12 bottles of red wine

    Hi would like to take 5 bottles, still available? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    WTS: Red Wine

    Hi, would like to take 5 bottles, still available? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Letting go Wedding Dinner Banquet @ Marina Bay Sands. Discount $6.5K

    Hi, I'm interested in the package, but can it be for 20 tables minimum and change date to Jan 2016 instead? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Wedding Gown for Sale -Size 14-White by Vera Wang-spring 2012 bridal gowns 351027

    Are you still selling the gown? Could you email more information to [email protected] .com. sg? Thanks.