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    Are Bridal Packages really necessary?

    i think it depends on what you deem as 'necessary'? if you like huge albums with glam photos (wearing many different gowns) to show then perhaps a package works for u? i'm a jun BTB and going ala carte. went to a few bridal shops and they all looked the same to me. i also don't like how most of...
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    Emcee Script from ROM

    Grateful if anyone could email me a copy too! [email protected]
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    March in or no march in?

    I'm doing my ROM at a cafe setting in June. Wondering if we should do a march in... While a march in may be romantic and all, the setting doesn't seem suitable. Also we only have max 60 guests and it's in a small function room with round tables and buffet spread. But is it awkward if say, we sit...