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    Anyone a ATC (Asian Travel Club) or RCI member??

    Hi Bernard & Priscilla, I am an ATC member and also has RCI membership. I think usually for timeshare accomodations in those popular destinations, you will have to book quite a few months or even one year in advance for those highly rated resorts. The url for ATC is...
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    RCI or ATC Accomodations

    Hi Anne, My odd year type one bedroom package cost me 11k and is for 30 years. After that need to pay about US$60 I think to renew for another 30 years. Is yours similar? Oh, if want to use ATC resorts no need to deposit week har? But then the lady at the reception was telling us to deposit...
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    RCI or ATC Accomodations

    Hi Anne, do we deposit our week to RCI or ATC har? Can teach me how to deposit also? Thanks.
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    RCI or ATC Accomodations

    Hi Linda, the website is did u join RCI too? There's another thread "Honeymoon And Travel/7-Day Accomodation Free????" on this timesharing issue too. I'm blurmehh over there.. blur blur type wrongly the first time i participated in that thread.. so i am...
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    RCI or ATC Accomodations

    Hi @@@ & Anne, so nice to know that u are ATC/RCI members too Bought mine from Interval Resort Network. Did you buy from them too? Anne, how did u get to know about these getaway specials? How much did u pay for it har? Is it worth it? So these RCI promotions are open to ATC members as...
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    RCI or ATC Accomodations

    Hi, does any RCI or ATC members have any resorts or hotels to recommend? Am thinking of using that for honeymoon. Don't have any place in mind yet, but was wondering if there's any nice RCI/ATC resort/hotel somewhere that has got nice scenery and things to see without having to rent a car.
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    hi, does anyone know where in Jalan Sultan is Lightcraft? Is the variety of lights there more than their shop at Park Mall? Thanks