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    Sad and looking for help about annulment..

    nothing we can say to make you feel better.. but be strong!
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    Hb and porn, pls advice

    Perhaps you can try watching it with him? But of cuz respect the fact that sometimes he just wants to DIY.
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    Maybe post what you want on your Facebook? So that you can hint him a bit.
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    Aimin slimming

    thanks for sharing. I think motivation is the key too!
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    "Pantang" for siblings to marry on the same year

    I think it's fine. Shouldn't really matter. But of cuz, it's up to your family to decide.
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    Do lasik for wedding

    What's the cost?
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    How long does it take to tailor a sari?

    You should call up the shop and ask about it first. Might take time especially with COVID now.
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    Bust Enhancement Treatment

    Does it last?
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    SEA Aquarium Banquet 2022

    So 10 tables. ah.. cuz COVID right
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    He said he needed a time-off

    So is he ghosting you?
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    Infidelity, Divorce, and Moving on

    Sorry to hear about this!
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    so what's the latest update?
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    Urgent Advise Needed - Mentally Sick Ex-Husband

    hope you're ok now!
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    Aimin slimming

    Need to exercise or just use machine will do?
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    SEA Aquarium Banquet 2022

    What's their minimal table?
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    Do lasik for wedding

    how much to do?
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    Do you really love her at all?
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    Introducing guys into our marriage life

    Are you Singaporean? Doesn't sound like it to me.
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    Confusion over lack of Sex in Marriage

    this is so strange. Should talk to your wife more about it.