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    HDB ownership transfer after divorce - needs help

    Hi all, My divorce has just been granted and i have to to transfer the ownership thru HDB and apply for a loan. May I know has anyone went through the transfer procedures without going through the lawyer, i.e DIY? Can any kind soul share the step-by-step procedures on how to transfer the...
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    Transfer of HDB ownership after divorce

    Hi all, Could anyone pls advise me? My soon-to-be ex-spouse has agreed to transfer the flat to me as I have the the full custody of our child in which I only have to refund him half of what he had paid for. Currently I only have $30+K in my COF OA account. I do not wish to sell this flat yet...
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    Questions on uncontested divorce

    Ohh ic.. If can, he wants to pay in CPF.
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    Questions on uncontested divorce

    In this case, is it possible for him transfer the flat to me and also help pay for the mortage loan also?
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    Support group - Divorce

    Divorce or Separation Hi all, I’m a mother (38-year old) with a 13 yo kid. Me and my husband has been married for 13 years since 2007. Since the birth of my child, me and my husband has not had sex ever since, even after the birth of my child (Yes, no sex for 12 years+). He doesn’t even want...
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    Questions on uncontested divorce

    Dear all, I intend to file for divorce cos my hubby has an affair. I have got some questions wondering if anyone can help. I'm married for 12 years+, got a 12 yo kid. My hubby has agreed to settle this amicably. We discussed and in order not to disrupt my kid's daily life and reduce the...