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    Are u okay if ur bf...

    If you are not comfortable, let it be known to him. If you don't like what he does, you should find someone else. Or you can do exactly what he does and start hanging out with a guy and posting on IG. Always be ready to walk out of a relationship. If not you will always be at his mercy.
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    He visited prostitutes but still proposed to me

    You should start afresh and move on to a new relationship. This is a sign from *** to tell you something. IMHO. If you choose to continue, and you get cheated again, then you only have yourself to blame. Also, a relationship shouldn't be like this in the first place. At least not so early when...
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    Wife cheated and baby not mine

    Just make sure that her family knows what she has done. Divorce her and then ignore her forever. Best is to treat her like she doesn't exist and let her deal with the mess. You also don't want to be involve in this shit. It will never go away. You want to stay as far from it as you can. And...